Our “Sunday Tour of Open Homes©
Is Very Different Than
A Traditional Open House

* Industry statistics show that less than 1% of all home sales are sold as a result of a traditional open house.
* That’s why we reinvented the traditional open house with everyone’s needs in mind.

The “Sunday Tour of Open Homes©” discourages nosy neighbours and folks simply out for a Sunday afternoon drive.

* Imagine one or two dozen people at your home at the same time, how to you monitor everybody?

We only get the serious buyers that make a point to view your home at the set time as advertised.


In fact, you will find that our “Sunday Tour of Open Homes©”  are much more convenient, efficient and productive.

View 2 – 4 Homes In One Afternoon

Here’s How It Works

* You can meet us at the first home or pick just any home you want to see.
* The “Sunday Tour of Open Homes©” is a hassle-free and pressure-free method of viewing homes.
* This is a quick way to get an overview of what homes and features are available in your price range.
* You will never be requested to sign in or leave your phone number.

Do OPEN HOUSES Really Work?

The simple answer is- NO!  National statistics throughout North America reveal that less than 1% of all home sales come by way of an “OPEN HOUSE”.  What it does do is assist the novice sales representative having a very limited client base with an opportunity to build his/her client base at the expense of you, the eager Seller.The traditional 2 to 4 hour “OPEN HOUSE” allows the sales representative an opportunity to meet new contacts at the expense of you and your family.  It also gives your neighbours and perfect strangers an opportunity to receive a bird’s eye view of how your family lives, functions and how you may keep your home and learn of your possible routines, not to mention the security concerns it raises in today’s society.

Open houses present problems for agents because the customer’s identity can’t be verified. Many in the industry feel the open house has become outdated in light of today’s computer age with photo galleries and virtual tours available.  However, a traditional  “OPEN HOUSE” is beneficial to the introduction of new home construction techniques, materials, styles and architectural advancements.

At “FUTURE HOMES” we reinvented the traditional “OPEN HOUSE” to be more efficient and especially safer. Call or link to learn more about the exclusive  Future Homes Sunday Tour of Open Homes©.  A Traditional Open House is still available from Future Homes & Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage upon special request.© 2010 Future Homes & Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage. All rights reserved.