5 Design Trends on Their Way Out for 2023

With 2023 just around the corner, many of us are beginning to think of what to bring into the new year and what to leave behind. This applies to our homes as well. When all of the holiday décor comes down, it’s a good time to consider what sort of design elements in your home are in need of a shakeup. By nature, home décor trends come and go, but there are a few making their way out as we usher in the new year. From all-white minimalism to modern farmhouse, read more to find out what experts say should be left behind in 2022.

1. Modern farmhouse
Modern farmhouse has really had its moment. Starting in the mid 2010s, the design was revered for its homey vibes and was hailed as a way to bring bits of rural life into any home. It appealed to those who liked a shabby chic or country vibe, but fast forward to 2022, and the style is now starting to feel a little outdated. The consensus is you shouldn’t try to force a style on your home by painting the walls white and the window trims black. Shiplap is finally no more and style experts say it should only be used as it relates to a home’s architectural style. If modern farmhouse is still your thing, try to make it more contemporary and mix it up with other elements that speak to your home’s organic design.

2. Horizontal subway tile backsplashes
Coming out of Manhattan with their glossy finish and easy-to-clean features, subway tiles became the wall covering of choice for many kitchen backsplashes. They are the go-to practical option for modern kitchens, and although they may not be out of date exactly, there’s something to be said about how they are placed—standard horizontal is on its way out. Opt for herringbone and geomatic patterns which can give a bold look, or think about stacking vertically.

Slab stone backsplashes are making an entrance, as they can create a clean and eye-catching design that’s both refreshing and timeless. So, although subway tile may not be completely out, in the next few years we expect to see more people embracing change for their kitchen backsplashes.

3. Major minimalism
As we move into the new year, the Marie Kondo-esque rules of minimalism are going to be bent a little bit. According to Vogue, major minimalism and all-white is a thing of the past. There are elements of minimalism that will stay the course, like keeping your space clean, but when we spend so much time in our homes, filling it with what brings joy is now encouraged. Decorations kept in the home will have more purpose and function like coloured candles and everyday objects will add a pop of personality. It’s time to buy that bold wallpaper you’ve had your eye on, or fill the wall with pictures of your family, and add your grandma’s pillows to your sofa—gone are the days of unlived spaces.

4. Brand new everything
If you’ve tried to buy a sofa this year, you’re well aware of the delay in supply. Luckily, the idea that everything we have to buy for our home has to be new is changing, especially as we want our homes to be more unique and tell our story. Embracing more vintage pieces not only reduces your consumption, but gives old objects new life, which can bring a lot of character to a space. Moreover, Facebook Marketplace and Etsy, not to mention Habitat for Humanity ReStores and your local thrift store, make finding pre-loved and vintage pieces easier than ever.

5. Classic neutrals
The warm neutral palette of greys and creams are expanding as other colours become the new neutrals. Greys need a lot of texture and depth to look good, and let’s face it, not everyone has the money to hire an interior designer. There’s been a movement away from the grey and towards rich browns, caramels, and greens. Kitchen cabinet and wall colour trends now include blue and greens, or warm neutrals.

Of course, at the end of the day, it’s your home: pick and choose what design trends you want to embrace and what you want to leave behind in 2022. If you’re still a fan of farmhouse, grey or minimalism, opt to introduce newer trends into your space at a slower pace. Hang a picture of your favourite trip up on the wall, or add a pop of colour with some flowers. If you’re into shabby chic, try opting for a new vintage coffee table. There are many ways to incorporate these designs without having to redo your entire space, you just have to do some research and understand what sort of atmosphere you want to create!

source: REALTOR.CA

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