Q.Are there any up-front fees or hidden charges?
A – NO! You pay only if we sell your home on any of Future Homes Service Plans. If we don’t sell your home, you owe us absolutely NOTHING!

Q. How can you charge less in commission fees?
A. – We discovered that by offering different service plans with savings, more sellers choose us over the average REALTOR®. This gives us the opportunity to offer more homes for sale, which of course helps to attract more buyers. We can afford to make less per sale since we sell so many more homes than the average REALTOR®. In other words, VOLUME! Everyone benefits.

Q. Does “Future Homes” show my home to Buyers?
A – YES! We have a licensed REALTOR® available 24/7 – 365 to show your home to interested and pre-qualified Buyers.

Q. Do other sales representatives show my home?
A. – YES! We co-operate with all licensed real estate sales representatives. REALTORS® from other offices frequently show and sell “Future Homes” listings.

Q. Do you work with Buyers?
A – YES! Our REALTOR® will provide full service for buyers as well as sellers. In addition to our own fine selection of homes for sale as well as new homes offered by local builders, we can also assist buyers in viewing all homes for sale through the MLS® throughout Ontario as well as Canada. The best part for buyers is that they get this professional assistance at no cost.

Q. What about arranging Mortgages?
A. – We have our own in-house mortgage consultants representing one of the largest leading mortgage brokerage firm’s in Canada. Applications can be done in person, by telephone or on-line in only 15 minutes.